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Specifications of Jodel DR.1050 D-EHIE

Model Year 1962
Serial Number 291
TTSN approx. 2200 h
Last major airframe overhaul 1970 at 820 hours since new
Brakes hydraulic drum brakes
Empty Weight 432 kg (952 lb)
Last Annual Inspection October 22, 1999 at 2092 hours since new
Further Information always hangared
  no shoulder harness
  Grade A cotton covering
  Interior mostly original
Type Rolls Royce (Continental) O-200
Time approx. 600 hours SMOH and re-installation 1987
Cylinder Compression 77-77-77-69
Propeller new climb prop (Evra D 11/28/4 C, France) and spinner installed March 26, 1998
Extras Champion oil filter retrofitted
  Carburetor air intake filter retrofitted
Noise Certificate Regular German Noise Emission Certificate: 68.1 dB(A) with MT 176R 115-2C propeller according to Noise Certification Rules Chapter X after installation of new exhaust S.A.9 on October 12, 1995. Should be eligible for a "Erhöhter Schallschutz" noise certificate with Evra 11/28 propeller according to the LBA noise list A.
Radio Becker AR 2009/25 with external Intercom
Navigation Garmin GPS 55 panel-mounted Handheld GPS
Transponder Narco AT150 TSO with AR850 blind encoder
Engine CHT, digital EGT, manifold pressure, carburetor inlet temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature
Misc. Equipment ELT, 2 min. Turn & Bank (Electric)
  Nittenau/Bruck, Germany (EDNM) until June 18, 2000
  Bad Ditzenbach, Germany (EDPB) from June 18, 2000

Specifications of DR.1050's in General

The M-model has the one-piece stabilator and the enlarged vertical tail consisting of fin and rudder instead of the previous all-moving type. The table below was taken from Hans Teijgeler's Website.

Overall dimensions:    
Length 21.4 ft 6.5 m
Height 5.8 ft 1.8 m
Wing span 28.8 ft 8.72 m
Weights and loadings:    
Empty weight (with oil) 913 lbs 415 kg
Max Take off weight 1650 lbs 750 kg (780 kg M model)
Max Landing weight 1630 lbs 740 kg (780 kg M model)
Useful load 737 lbs 335 kg
Power loading 16.5 lbs/hp 7.5 kg/hp
Fuel capacity (front) 12 gal 55 l
Fuel capacity (rear) 12 gal 55 l
Unusable fuel in aft tank 1.5 gal 6 l
Max load factors +3.8 G -1.5 G
Other specs:    
Gear Tailwheel  
Seats 2+2  
Controls Stick and rudder  
Material Wood and fabric  
Number produced approx. 650  
Production Years 1959 to 1966 ?  
DR.1050 100 hp Continental/Rolls Royce O-200
Fuel Continental 80/87 octane Mogas permitted
Fuel burn @ 75% power 5.5 gph 21 liter/hour
Fuel burn @ 55% power 4 gph 15 liter/hour
Max speed, sea level 130 mph 210 km/h
Cruise speed 115 mph 185 km/h
Vne 169 mph 270 km/h
Stall speed (indicated) 55 mph 88 km/h
Climb rate 600 fpm 3 m/s
Take-off roll 980 ft 300 m
Landing roll 800 ft 250 m
Range 75% power, no reserves 575 nm 1035 km (5.2 hours)
Range 55% power, no reserves 650 nm 1170 km (6.9 hours)

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